Internet provider problem in Portugal and legal ways to avoid them

Getting connected to internet in new environment expatriates find themselves has always been one of the major priority of many expatriates.

In this modern day era, it is well known that internet connection is quite important to an extent that many people feel so uncomfortable whenever they’re experiencing bad internet connection or so. Portugal being a major country in Europe has a lot of internet users who subscribe to different network providers. It is clear that you can’t subscribe to any internet package in Portugal without being a resident. Internet package or subscription in Portugal is more of a contract and this is giving many expats serious issue even with a tip of frustration.

Problem in Portugal

Internet connection in Portugal can be a problem and at times it really sucks though it depends on the area or house you’re living in. For those living in major cities like Lisbon or Porto, you might experience a little bit of good internet connection which can off course be terrible probably when you need it the most. Speaking with an expat in Lisbon, he said “I signed a year contract with an internet provider but internet sucks and I’ve not been able to for once enjoy what I paid for. I contacted the service provider to help me check through my connection, all I got in reply was that I have the highest subscription and there is assurance that connection is coming on soon but then the story won’t still change.” He really clamored for a legal backing to know if he can switch internet provider companies even after signing contract with one. If you are also in the same shoes as this expatriate, this next paragraph is for you.

Internet connection in Portugal

Internet connection in Portugal is quite important and it is always done in linkage with your bank account, this is an indication that network providers have access to their charges if the contract is still on. If it happens that you insist on subscribing to another better network provider, contact your network provider by putting it in writing that you don’t want to continue with their subscription, that it really sucks. Follow the legal and appropriate way to do this. You can go anywhere (court or regulatory body) legally to complain about not getting what you paid for which off course you’ll have a legal backing even up to the point of getting a refund though this happens on a very rare occasion. The simplest way to go about it is forfeiting the charges you remitted to the network provider, cancel the contract & connection, then you can think of moving on with another better network provider.

But you do not always have to lose what you paid for. Most portuguese banks, with a simple phone call to the bank’s support line, can cancel the direct debits of the last three months and thus the money is no longer lost because the bank credits the money in your account in no time. It will be on the side of the operator to react against the customer who withdrew the money. But if a letter was sent to the provider to say that internet connection did not work, the defense is made.

Another thing is, how do you know other network provider that can provide you with good internet connection. I think this is quite easy, you can ask friends or people around you for their Portugal broadband recommendations. This is just the best way to go about it, seek recommendations from people who stays in your environment. Ask for the perfect internet package for that particular environment, you can do this in form of a survey and go for the internet provider company that has the highest people’s recommendation for your location.  

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