Who owns the copyrights to my website?

In ownership there comes more power and peace of mind, and that power has increased ever so much with the onset of intellectual property law, IPL for short. IPLs can be divided into three basic categories; trademarks, copyrights and patents. They may also include design rights. Copyrights refers to work that may be recorded some way such as literary music, recipes, dramatic works such as movies and art and much more!

Who owns the copyrights to my website?

What is copyrights?

Copyright is the legal term that is used to describe the rights that designers and publishers have over their literary works and art. Works covered under copyrights ranges from websites, youtube channels, books, music, paintings, movies, computer programs, databases, advertisements, technical drawings like cars bodies, architecture sketches and more. Copyright registration is voluntary. But it becomes necessary when or if you have a dispute between your service provider and you. Imagine getting into a dispute with your website builder over an invoice that you do not agree with, and logging on the next day only to find out that your website has been taken down by the builder. The website would be ‘his’ if you haven’t registered your copyrights under your name. Miss Legalizers could help you avoid these kinds of unpleasant situations right away!

Do you have to register for your copyrights?

Copyright protection exists from the moment the work is created (fixed in a tangible medium). However, registration provides important benefits, such as proof of ownership. Your website builder automatically obtains the copyright on your website if nothing has been agreed upon. However, this may not be true in every case. If an employee builds a website as part of his work, the copyrights are automatically transferred to the employer. The builder will transfer copyrights for all of the website parts.

Does your country have copyright registration laws?

Most countries nonetheless have voluntary systems that would allow for registration of copyrights. Such agreements written legally and signed upon help solve disputes over ownership or creation, as well as facilitate financial transactions, sales, and the assignment and/or transfer of rights and certain other actions related to the website which would otherwise be prohibited under the copyright without a lisence. In any case, agree that you may change the website in terms of design and texts, and that the license is perpetual, not unmentionable and inextricable.

Copyright’s infringement by your website builder

What if your website builder uses images or other materials that he doesn’t own the right to use? This results in copyright infringement. In principle, the website holder that is - you are responsible for this. But you can avoid this if you also agree it with your website builder that he wouldn’t use any material building your website that he does not hold the rights to use of. If he does, he is liable himself.

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