Digital nomad life: how to work from anywhere?

Before I go deeply into how to become a digital nomad and live and work from anywhere, It’s important that you understand who a digital nomad is, and what they really do.

Who is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who chooses to embrace the use of technologies to earn a living, so they can live and work from anywhere. Especially the telecommunication technology. Digital Nomads require the use of internet connection to perform their job because their job is location independent. Being a digital nomad does not necessarily mean you’ll be working for yourself, but you can still live and work from anywhere. You can be working for an employer where you’ll be subjected to travelling all around the world with your gadgets (laptop and mobile phone) just to carry out your assignment, in a bid to earn yourself a living. Digital nomads tend to travel abroad while working and therefor live and work from anywhere.

Where to start as a digital nomad

There is no criteria to becoming a digital nomad, it is just a matter of choice. It is simply how you enjoy earning money for a living, without necessarily staying in just one place. As it was earlier said, being a digital nomad does not mean you’re working for yourself, but you can also be working for yourself as a digital nomad, it can be either way. Being a digital nomad requires that you’re skillful in your focus area so that you’ll be able to serve your clients well. I think this is just the most important thing in becoming a digital nomad. Myself, as a digital marketer and organizer who organizes different businesses and manage teams of digital nomads working from anywhere, I take into consideration the fact that not all jobs can be done from anywhere. For instance, if you’re around a beach, crowded or noisy area, it might be quite difficult for you to make calls that are business related. Skill and right location is just vital in starting.

Where to travel as a digital nomad

Technically, digital nomads are those who travel abroad often while working. Keep in mind the fact that your job requires good internet connection. Deciding on where to travel as a digital nomad, you must do a thorough research on what internet connection looks like in the country or particular place you will be living in. For example, when I was travelling around Italy, the internet connection was horrible and there were almost no WiFi spots. This made me consider Portugal as being a perfect place to work from as there are WiFi spots almost everywhere. If you have the choice of choosing where you’ll travel to, it is advisable you go to places with strong internet connection. On the other hand, if you really have to travel to places with bad internet connection, try to have an alternative way of getting good internet connection probably through the use of your own hotspot. I often use my phone with 4G as my hotspot, it has a very good connection.

How to invoice

As a digital nomad, you’re working online so expect to get paid online most times. Well, this is so applicable to digital nomads working for themselves or those managing a team of digital nomads. Make sure you work with easy, and not so strict online payment systems. A recommended one is PayPal, Mollie or Multisafepay, which is a very easy means of making online payments and even invoicing. The invoicing program I use is called MoneyBird - it's a Dutch software that makes invoicing easier for entrepreneurs.

Laws applicable to digital nomads

In most cases, tax laws that the country you’re registered in as a fiscal citizen place of business, owners and even digital nomad can be breathtaking. There are a lot of possibilities to pay less taxes when you apply the flag theory. To know more about how to pay taxes and apply flag theory, check this blog!

Gadgets and tools I use as a digital nomad

I trained myself to live out of my suitcase, to travel a lot and to always stay flexible. I believe not all material things are needed in life to make life easier and work faster. With this, I choose only the gadgets I believe are the best in market and can keep up with my speed of life and work. Spoiler alert: I'm an Apple addict. These gadgets are making my life easier:  


I have two iphones with maximum memory space in both (with over 40.000 photos, icloud, google drive and dropbox fully synchronized). I also have two different network providers, so I always have connection with the world. If one fails, I’ll work with the other. The other mostly works to provide me with a hotspot internet connection or make a call.

Apple watch:

I receive over 100 messages a day. It really works for me to check my wrist instead of my phone all the time. Also seeing my payments coming in from my bank app on my wrist makes me smile all the time. I also love keeping track on my condition, how many km I walked today or using my 7 min workout app starting on my watch without using my phone or laptop.


What really makes me happy is that I can leave my phone in another room while walking around, talking to people using these magic airpods. When I'm in the car, I can answer my phone from my wrist (apple watch) and airpods make the sound better of course.


I have two laptops as well. The bigger one, MacBook Pro, I use when working from home. I love the bigger screen and I work at my home office longer hours than when I'm travelling. My little gold Macbook 12-inch is traveling with me. It's the smallest laptop Apple has, and it fits in all my bags (very important!).


I used to feel like some kind of energy addict, always looking for a place to charge my phones not until Pisen came into my life. I can't imagine my life without it. It is a portable powerbank and charger (2 in 1), charging 3 devices at the same time. One of which is my 13 inch macbook. I have four, two are always plugged in the wall at my place. Two are always with me on the go. Every morning I swap the ones I've used, for the charged ones and this keeps my devices fully charged all day.


My phone is my life. Everything concerning my business, personal development and health is there. All imaginable apps for business, like balancing life and work, smoothies recipes, shopping, groceries, fitness or yoga. But also restaurants, hotels, car rentals, reading apps, books, scan app, financial apps and all my banks from different countries. It saves me a lot of time, space in my suitcase, and energy to have everything in one (well, two) phone(s). In case I lose my laptops and iphones, I will just buy new ones and install all the apps back again. And that's how easy it should work when living the digital nomad lifestyle, you can live and work from anywhere. 

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