Birth tourism for digital nomads

Traveling can be an incredibly enriching lifestyle; enabling you to discover new cultures and explore the local complexity of international regions in a manner that most tourists will not have the opportunity to experience. But as a nursing mother or a mother with very young children, so many things must be in place.

Choose appropriate destinations

Considering your kids, you must be aware of schools that would allow them to stay for the period you would be within the country. Many countries have schools that will accept children of expats. You can easily seek out areas in the country of your choice that will accept kids for shorter periods of time. International schools could be the solution.

The passport

In a country like the US, their citizens do not need a Visa to travel to over 170 countries. This includes nomads. Estonia is one country that is trying to accommodate digital nomads as well. It is planning to launch a Digital Nomad Visa, which JOBBATICAL (International Job Opportunities) helped plan by offering advice, polling the digital nomad community, and bringing together key players in the space. The more questions and research you do, the more information you get. If you have your baby delivered in some countries, that baby is entitled to dual citizenship plus the citizenship of the parents. As European or Asian, it sounds cool to have your baby delivered in USA, but keep in mind that your baby becomes US citizen and will have to pay tax all his life. Also, you might deal with the authorities of the country you deliver your baby and this can be quite annoying sometimes.

Health and safety

While preparing for the journey, consider the medical procedure of the hospitals in the country, in case your kid needs attention and others.  Don’t over pack; there are a lot of safe ways to entertain your kids wherever you are, and over time your kids won’t need to be cuddled or constantly entertained like they may have back home.


There is no specific amount that you need before leaving, but you need to analyze your current financial situation. Simply note every dollar or euro that leaves and enters your bank account. Be as detailed as possible. Cut back on unnecessary costs and keep a budget. Analyze what you will need once you leave.

The freedom

As a digital nomad, you have the luxury of mobility available to you now more than ever. You have the power and the freedom to shape where and how you will live your live. But with this freedom, to choose where you live comes with the responsibility to choose ‘right’.  Meet with the travel agencies and ask how free and conducive the place would be, when you get there considering the facts that you have kids.

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