The best place to live as a digital nomad

This blog highlights things to consider in choosing the best place to live as a digital nomad.

Being a digital nomad can be quite demanding

As a digital nomad, it might be quite difficult for you to decide a particular place to live in as you’ve been to many countries and fell in love with different places. You might still want to decide a particular place to live in. If I’m asked the question “where would you love to live?” literally, my answer would be “I’ll love to live everywhere, but Portugal is my favorite.” This is because I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve seen incredible places that really got my heart, but Portugal is the ‘most friendly’ country of them all. I think it's the best place to live as a digital nomad. I’m sure this is also applicable to a quite number of digital nomads out there.

The best place to live as a digital nomad

This is actually the number one criteria to be considered, when determining the best place to live as a digital nomad. Go for places where you enjoy their lifestyle and at the same time you can work to the fullest. Choose a place where their domestic policies are entrepreneurship friendly and they speak English locally. Avoid settling down in a place that might be quite demanding with regards to their tax or policies governing business owners. Places with great lifestyle where you can live as a digital nomad includes Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Montenegro and lots more. In Portugal, everyone speaks English. People in banks, city halls and other places. This is very helpful. However, just across the border, in Spain, none of the locals speak English. Even ordering food in the restaurants can be quite a challenge. 

Go for a relatively affordable place

Always look for a place where you can easily do your work as a digital nomad, thereafter, any other thing can follow. In choosing a place to live as a digital nomad, always consider a relatively cheap zone where you won’t have to spend much on living. Consider a place with cheap rent, and cheap but standard medical care service, or go for an international health insurance. In general, consider a place with moderate cost of living. Places like Georgia, Croatia and Montenegro are considered as pretty cheap places and digital nomad friendly zone. You can consider living in places such as, Barcelona, Lisbon and Amsterdam. But these cities are considered expensive for digital nomads.

Go for a place with good internet services

As a digital nomad, you should be quite sure that your job requires the use of internet services. It would be smart of you to decide living in a place with great internet connection. Poor internet connection could delay your work. In Portugal, I had WiFi connection before I had running water.

Go for a country with less strict laws

This is also important in deciding where to stay as a digital nomad. Think of a place where it would be quite easy for you to navigate your ways around. As an example, a country where you can easily open a bank account, buy properties, rent cars and lots more. Go to a place where you can manage your life easily.

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